Drones are now common

Drones are now common. People are starting to use em. Just what can we say. I like to carry a camera. Yeah, right up in our air.

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Google doing worse

Google doing worse every year. They constantly change the algorithm for their search engine. Also, they are losing ground to micro soft now. Blame all the changes to their game. Remember, always change a losing game, never change a winning game. Sadly, what we need is a whole new chapter, not a new page.

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Bosch versus Dragnet

Harry Bosch versus Joe Friday in Dragnet comparison. Both are a TV series. Dragnet was 60’s show, and Harry Bosch is on amazon now. Also, the two star an LA cop. He is a detective working in homicide division on an interesting case. Perhaps we should say cases. Like there are so many. Still, good old Harry Bosch is like a dark sardonic comedy full of sarcasm. It is gritty or grim. Dark shadows remind me of a scary 50’s film noir movie.

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best buy

Hard times for best buy as web site crashes just now. This is like a night mare. Do hope that things can improve. Folks, we got a trouble in a worse way.

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Dell venue

Dell venue is a new series. Laptops are not max pop. This tablet is big news. Future is wow. Hope we can buy one. Yeah, they are max expensive.

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Lake Mead

Lake Mead is a large reservoir. It is going dry due to a drought in this arid area. Water levels keep on dropping every year. Scientist have some concerns. They blame global warming. Right now there is flooding in the North East right now. Well, scientists blame global warming again. Like what can we say.

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monopoly money

Folks, the orange back ten looks like monopoly money. This does worry us. Like it is a bright shade of orange. Hey, we mean… money should be green. OK so that is how it use to be for many years. Do you like the new candy colored currency. It looks like play money.

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