six ways

Got no job? Try these six ways. They are here to assist you. Look on the bright side, things could be max worse. Yeah, that make us cheep up – NOT!

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fight on

Sanders vows to fight on.  That is what he vows. Still, we are in… as hope less war. Wish it was hope more. All those billions talk and drown out the people and their voices. Sadly, that is the world we are in.

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couple marries on bridge in snow

Right now a couple marries on bridge in snow. Bridge is in a blizzard as we look at falling snow. Hope it will be a happy marriage. They want to be together and will find that often life works against us. Friends, we might fall a million times, but a million and one we get back up.

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John Titor says

John Titor says in the future america is more agrarian. This is so awesome. However, there is a lot of fall out and radiation from a nuclear war. Russia did attack us. Somehow, that does not even surprise us. Like we all saw that one coming…. a mile away even.

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Where we going?

Question for you. Where we going?

Fed may ease again.

I thought interest rates were going up.

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71% of american young

71% of american young are too obese to serve in army reserve. This is sour news. Oh wow, talk about a BIG problem that is growing. Ridicule is not the answer. Most need a healthy diet and exercise more. Phenomenon is quite serious. Still, did not know it affects national security, but here we are.

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process owners

OK so there was an on going saying in our armed forces that no new plan can ever survive. This is because situations do change without any warning. Look at each process. Frankly, it will evolve over time into a new one. Actually, process owners have to figure out what is going on. They must act well under pressure. In fact. this is the key to your success. Most of us need to understand this process. Other wise, we cannot move on.

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