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no compromise

They say that there can be no compromise. Well, what can we say. Disdain for compromise hinders our progress. Like wow, that is true in washington and other places even. Still, no one want to be seen giving in. Advertisements

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Changing horses?

Politicians claim they want to balance the budget even. Oh please, those guys are gonna beat a dead donkey until it all turns into dog food even. Hey, glue factory for you.

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Lastest news

The heat wave is going on. Hey, we wish it was over. I mean our HEAT wave. That said, my ac bill will be max. OK so in other news. Here is Steven Gibbs new number. Please do call him … Continue reading

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luv guv gone

Citizens the luv guv is gone. His program on cnn is over. Personally, I never did like our guv.

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